Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wikis In Education

Simply handing out netbook computers to students without rethinking the way we teach is a waste of time. I fear that many devices intended for high schools as part of the governments Digital Education Revolution Plan will end up collecting dust. Inservice training for teachers is the only thing that will make the devices truely useful. Teachers need to see how the netbooks can be used to enhance learning. Teachers need to learn new strategies in small chunks and have successes with these strategies. That is why I have been called in assist with the netbook trial at OLHC Primary South Lismore. I have been working 1 to 1 with teachers each week and helping them move forward from where they are at in terms of IT use and I am really enjoying it and starting to see changes already. I have started playing around this week with wikis and how we can use them in the classroom. We are starting with a wiki where teachers can plan a unit of work collaboratively. Each teacher can add content, suggestions and resources and we should have a really useful unit of work ready for next term. I have chosen to use Wetpaint and I like the way you can add some useful widgets such as a Photobucket slideshow. I also like that you can email Wetpaint and ask them to remove all advertising if the wiki is for educational use. We are also looking at how students can use wikis for their work. There seems so many possibilities. The Wikis are private at the moment but we will make them public when we are happy for other teachers to see them. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. I am nearly finished my teaching degree at SCU, and we used Wetpaint last year when we developed a unit of work for a HSIE topic. It was fantastic and very easy to use, which was good, as only one out of our group of five had had any experience with it. I look forward to seeing how your program at South Lismore progresses.