Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chalk Makes A Comeback

It was a pretty challenging week on the North Coast of New South Wales with cyclonic conditions bringing widespread flooding, gale force winds knocking down trees, power lines and eroding beaches and schools being shut for 2 days because of fears of children being stranded in flood waters. It was the third such event this year and I think we have had enough rain to last for a while. I learned a few valuable lessons from it all. The first lesson was how much I rely on computers and the Internet and the second was the importance of radio in these situations. Being without power for a couple of days and not knowing what was happening in the local area, I spent quite a bit of time sitting in my car listening to ABC local radio for information on road closures as well as flood and weather warnings. I can't express more highly the value of this service. People were ringing the radio station and asking questions about how to get to different locations to avoid the flood waters and other listeners were ringing up with suggestions. It really turned into an interactive medium. Evacuation alerts were being broadcast warning residents to move to higher ground. The information also greatly helped me navigate my way to work and I found the reports were pretty accurate and up-to-date. Well done ABC local radio. I am going to buy a portable radio before I forget. Thanks also to Country Energy whose workers must have spent days sitting up in power polls in high winds and bucketing rain trying to get the power back on. I am also going to buy some chalk. It might end up being useful for those long days at school without electricity.

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  1. Hi Charlie
    I'm a trainee teacher at SCU Lismore (3rd/4th year primary education) and just LOVE your email every week giving lots of advice about websites to visit. I keep them all bookmarked for items of interest under delicious - it's fantastic!
    It's the first time I've visited your blog and am surprised you live not too far away!
    Thanks for all the fantastic sites! Cheers.