Sunday, June 28, 2009

Educational Technology Brain Food

I had a request this week from a subscriber wanting some links for a parent who requested that her child not use computers at school and that she would prefer her child be given worksheets when the rest of the class where using computers. The teacher wanted some information that would convince the parent that computers are an essential part of education at school and home. The argument is moot because computers are pervading more aspects of our lives. How many handwritten letters, for example, have you received this year? Is learning handwriting more important than learning touch typing? I try to respect others when their opinions differ, and I can see some truth in the belief that we may be becoming slaves of Information Technology rather than masters. What happens for example, when the power fails and you can't use your Interactive Whiteboard? For this reason I have tried to air the views of both sides of the debate in the links I have prepared this week. My stance in terms of Educational Technology has always been that no gadget can be a panacea for poor teaching. Rather than trying to win arguments, a more productive use of time is be the best teacher you can be using ED Tech and let it be a case of the "proof in the pudding" with the achievements of students in your class. One way to improve your knowledge and skills is to engage in some professional development by subscribing to Educational Technology Blogs where other educators share their ideas and experiences. I hope the blogs I have collected will help and by all means, please send me links to ones not on the list that you think are worthwhile and I will add them.

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