Sunday, April 11, 2010

Personal Learning Networks

I have just returned from The ACEC Conference and have some great new ideas. One, advocated by Steve Collis , is to create your own Personal Learning Network as a means of professional development. Yes, he does deserve the title Happy Steve. His happiness infects everyone he meets. He argued that traditional professional development days do not allow for the fact that each school is unique with different people, history and circumstances. The development day also does not allow for needs of individual teachers.  Digital Age PD is about relationships and community and making your learning personal. I have been sending out a newsletter for 8 years now and it has functioned as a personal learning environment rather than a network. I intend to change that. I hope my links this week will give you some ideas for creating your own personal learning network. Before the conference I was not an avid Twitter fan but I have changed my mind. Steve explained that Twitter was like a cocktail party, where you can listen in and participate in conversations that interest you. The penny dropped for me at this moment. I downloaded Tweetdeck and have begun in earnest.


  1. Welcome to tweeting Charlie. Once you build up your network I'm sure you'll get such a lot from twitter. I learn more from it than I do from formal professional development.

  2. Hi Charlie - it was really nice for me to read this because I felt like I just fuddled through the session but I'm really happy this is the message that came across. Also, your description of what Happy Steve means is going straight to the pool room!!! Anyway, delighted to read your comments - a real encouragement for me. Stay in touch!