Saturday, April 24, 2010

Web 2 Lockout

I am always trying to find an audience for student work and I find it really frustrating that there are so many great web2 publishing sites that kids have to be 13 years old in order to sign up for an account.  I think it would be far better to have a rating system for websites like we find with TV shows (G, PG, M, R). Many kids ignore the rules and lie about their age but I do not encourage kids to to do this. One way around the problem is to create a gmail account for the class such as MrsSmithYear6 at and give students the password. When a teacher signs up using this email address, students can then all access the one account. This week I have tried to collect links to sites that offer free educator accounts or that do not have the 13 years of age policy. Please let me know about others I can add to the list or let me know what you do about the 13 years of age rule.

  Cool Stuff I Learned This Week:

  • My 10 year old daughter showed me how to use an iPhone when we were wasting time in a mobile phone shop at a shopping mall. We don't have an iPhone in our family but she was able to show me how to use just about every function on the device.
  • Diigo, Animoto, Voicethread and Glogster have Educator Accounts. I am hoping other Web2 giants will follow.
  • Screencasting has many classroom uses.

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