Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free Scootle Campaign

I get lots of requests each week for resources to help teach spelling and I hope these resources are useful to you. There is one website however, called Scootle , an Australian and New Zealand government initiative, where there are hundreds of useful learning objects but unfortunately, it is open only to those who have a login and password, so it is no point listing its links on my site. I do not understand this thinking. Sites such as the ABC, BBC, Thinkfinity and many others, make most of their education resources available for everyone and everyone benefits. I find it annoying having to login when I am working in schools as well. Australian taxpayers paid for Scootle so why shouldn't all Australians have access to it? Why not let parents use it at home? Why stop people around the world gaining benefit from it? Why block kids and teachers in other countries from using it? Why place annoying logins and passwords between kids and learning. The return on investment comes from how well the learning objects improve learning outcomes, not from selling rights to them. I have paid for them already through taxation and so have many of you. Tell me how you feel about it below or tell The Learning Federation  , who created the resources, what you think. Let's set Scootle free.


  1. It's not able to be accessed by student teachers either, what's the point of having all these learning objects if we can't access them to teach with?

  2. I agree. Very frustrating that these things are locked away behind a code. As a NSWDET teacher, I was able to gain access only because of a research project I was involved in. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to share the resources with other staff from my school as they weren't involved in the project.